The Great Courses

The Great Courses is now available as a streaming service from Hoopla! This popular lecture series for lifelong learners offers on-demand service for learning and personal enrichment. There are hundreds of in-depth audios and videos by the world’s greatest professors, professionals and experts. You can pause, rewind, or fast forward as often as you like. View the collection.

To access the collection, login to Hoopla. Create an account if you do not have one. Then type “great courses” (no quotation marks) in the search bar.

The Great Courses Lecture Topics

  • Better Living:  Food & Wine; Health, Fitness, & Nutrition; Hobby & Leisure; Personal Development; Travel; Parenting; Crafts & Woodworking
  • Economics & Finance
  • Fine Arts:  Art History; Studio Art
  • High School: History; Math; Science; Study Skills; Critical Thinking Skills; Reading & Writing
  • History: American History; Ancient History – Classical or World; Civilization & Culture; Medieval History;  Modern World History; Renaissance & Early Modern History; Military History
  • Language Learning: Spanish, French, Latin, Greek, & English Grammar
  • Literature & Language:  Ancient Literature & Mythology; American Literature; British Literature; Linguistics; World Literature; Writing; Genre; Literary Surveys
  • Mathematics:  Applied Mathematics; History of Mathematics; Mathematical Theory
  • Music:  Classical Music; Modern Music; Musical Theory
  • Philosophy & Intellectual History:  Ancient Philosophy; Intellectual History; Medieval Philosophy; Modern Philosophy
  • Professional:  Business; Communication Skills; Education; Leadership Skills; Thinking Skills
  • Religion: Biblical Studies; Christianity; Comparative; Eastern & World Religions; Judaism; Medieval Philosophy
  • Science: Astronomy & Space; Biology; Earth Sciences; Engineering & Technology; History and Philosophy of Science; Medicine; Neuroscience & Psychology; Physics & Chemistry; Social Sciences