Book Bundles

Book Bundles

Books Bundles are a quick and easy way to get library books for your child each month.  Choose the bundle that is right for you and fill out the form to sign up.  We will select books for you each month, check them out on your card, and notify you by e-mail when they are ready.  You can pick them up, contact free, in the library entryway during regular hours.


Picture Book Bundle
Ten picture books selected for you each month. Let us help you create your own storytime fun! Complete the form, tell what you like to read, click submit and get 10 books waiting for you in the library lobby each month.



New Reader Book Bundle
Complete the form, choose the level that’s right for you – Beginning, Emergent or Early Fluent Reader, tell us about your child’s interests, and we will check out up to 10 Easy Reader books for you. These books are great for kids who need to strengthen their reading skills.



Tween Book Bundle
For kids ages 9 to 12.. Complete the form, tell what you like to read, and we will check out 5 books for you to read each month.



Grab & Go Craft for Kids

Kids love crafts. Each month we create a take-home craft just for you! You’ll find Grab & Go Crafts for kids in the library lobby. Choose from Mother Goose on the Loose, ages 2 to 5, Book Explorer kits, ages 5 to 8, or Tween Writers kit, creative writing games for budding writers ages 9 to 12.