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Novelist Plus. Looking for more books or audiobooks like your favorites? Want to find a new author? Can’t remember all the titles in a series? Novelist Plus has the answers!

Award Winning Adult, Teen and Children’s Books  Follow these links to the SAILS catalog for award winning titles including National Book Award, Man Booker Prize, Caldecott Medal, Newbery Medal and more.

Book Page: Discover Your Next Great Book:  online version of the monthly book review, distributed nationwide by more than 2,000 bookstores and libraries.

Bookwire: search and discover over 20 million book titles, including print, e-books, audio books and more.

Fantastic Fiction: over 25,000 bestselling author bibliographies with all the latest books, covers and descriptions. Checkout the Series link to discover books in series.

goodreads: offers suggested reading based on books you’ve enjoyed in the past.

Library Thing: a social networking site that connects you to people who read what you do.

New York Times Book Review: weekly reviews of new titles, both fiction and non-fiction. Site also includes book review blogs, podcasts and essays.

NPR Books: book reviews, interviews with authors, best-seller lists and more.

Reading Group Choices: interesting, informative, fun and materials of interest to book clubs.

Reading Group Guides: over 1000 reading guides available. Recommended reading and media book club picks.