Using Public Computers

Library Computer Use

You will need a valid library card to use computer workstations. At logon you will be prompted for the library card number that is on the back of your library card. If you are blocked due to excessive fines or overdue items, you will be denied access.

If you are visiting our community, you may ask for a computer guest pass at the Circulation Desk.

Currently, computer sessions are for 45 minutes. You will receive end-of-session warning notices at 5 minutes and at 2 minutes before the end of your session. You are limited to 1 session per day. Computers automatically shut-down 5 minutes before closing time.

Computers are connected to a printer. The library charges 10¢ per page for black and white and/or color printing. Please pay at the Main Desk.


Please follow the rules…


You may not eat or drink in the computer area.

You may not logon using another person’s library card number.

You may not view sexually explicit sites. Sites containing graphic nudity should not be viewed in a public place. Accessing such sites may result in the loss of an individual’s internet privileges.

You must adhere to the Library’s Internet Policy posted in the computer area.

You may attach portable USB storage devices to library computers. Please save your work to your personal device. Any work saved to a public computer will automatically be erased at the end of your session. Save your work frequently.

You may not install software on the library computers.

You use the computers at your own risk. The library is not responsible for lost or damaged computer files due to network shutdowns or equipment failure.

You may have your computer use privileges suspended or terminated if you violate the Library’s rules or policies, or if in the judgment of a librarian on-duty, you fail to use the computers in a responsible manner.

I have read this statement and agree to follow the rules for using library computers.