Mobile Hotspot Lending Program

A hotspot is an area where you can access the Internet via Wi-Fi.  A mobile hotspot device allows you to connect to the Internet using a small box with a cell phone data plan. The device emits a Wi-Fi signal that you can connect your personal devices to – like a laptop, smartphone, or tablet,  to use the Internet.

Hotspots are portable and allow you to connect to your device anywhere that is covered by the T-Mobile network. These hotspots have unlimited 4G LTE data and will allow you to have internet access on up to 10 devices at a time. No installation is required, just set up the hotspot following the instructions provided and connect to it from your own devices.

With internet access, you can easily browse the library’s digital resources, download e-books, work on homework or class projects, apply for jobs, and much more. Checkout a hotspot from the library in the same way you would check out a book.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I check out a device?
You can reserve a device online just as you would a book, or you can call us, 508.823.1344, or visit the library. Once a hotspot becomes available, you will be notified.

Who can check out a device?
Anyone who has a valid SAILS library card and is 18 years of age or older. Please review the library’s Internet Use Policy.

How long can I keep a hotspot?
You can borrow a mobile hotspot for four weeks. Renewal is not available for hotspots. Overdue hotspots will have internet access deactivated within 72 hours beyond their due date.

Where can I return a mobile hotspot?
A mobile hotspot must be returned to location where it was checked out. They can NOT be returned in the book drop. You must return the device with all the original packaging and accessories. Please fully charge the battery before you return the device.

How do I renew it?
Mobile hotspots are non-renewable at this time.

What if the device is lost, stolen, or damaged?
Please report the incident to us immediately.

Can I reserve a hotspot?
Yes, you may call us or place a hold online in the SAILS catalog.

How much does it cost?
Borrowing and using the device is free!

What if I need help with a hotspot?
If you need help using a mobile hotspot, contact us at 508-823-1344.

Can I use the hotspot when I travel outside the United States?
No, the hotspots only work in the U.S.

Can I use the hotspot to make phone call or send/receive text messages?
No, the hotspots can only be used to connect to your Wi-Fi enabled device such as laptop and tablets.

Is there any data limit?
In general there is no data limit. However, the service provider may lower speed or limit the amount of data that its network can handle for a short time.

If hotspot prompted to update software or firmware, what should I do?
The hotspot periodically receives software updates from the service provider. You can accept the update, which may take a few minutes.

Is information about my Internet usage tracked by the Library or the service provider?
No, the library does not have access to or collect specific usage data, and does not provide patron information to the service provider.

Will I be asked for my personal information when I browse the internet using the hotspot?
No, the library will not ask you any information when you browse the internet using the hotspot.

The Library reserves the right to adjust availability of hotspots for fair and equal distribution to the community.