storytime13Together Time

10:30 – 11:30 am


Stories, songs, games and creative play for all ages. No registration necessary.


babyBooks & Babies

 11:00 – 11:30 am


Simple stories, games and songs for the very young. Infants.



 Why storytime?

  • It teaches children about books and the library
  • It develops pre-reading and listening skills
  • It provides group interaction with children of similar ages
  • It teaches parents and caregivers how to develop literacy skills at home.

 How do I make the most out of my storytime experience?

  • Participate, participate, participate – Be an active participant and model what you want your child to learn. Is the librarian clapping along? Clap, too, and encourage your child to clap. Point out pictures in the book. Sing along with the librarian.
  • Attend the storytime for the right age group – The Children’s Librarian designs each storytime so that you and your child will benefit the most when you attend the one best suited for the child’s age. If you’re not sure which group is best, please ask the Children’s Librarian.
  • Practice good storytime etiquette – Please help us create a great storytime environment.  Please switch your cell phones to vibrate before the program starts, wait until the end of the program to chat with other adults, and quiet unhappy children away from the storytime area.
  • Please give us feedback Let us know if you have any requested books or songs you would like us to read or sing. Also, feel free to ask us for book recommendations appropriate for your child’s reading level.


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