Playaway Launchpads: Kids’ Tablets

Launchpad tablets are small child-size tablets preloaded with high quality, ad-free apps that are both fun and educational.  The tablets provide hours of interactive learning and play. They are simple and easy to operate and require no Internet connection.

The library’s collection includes What a Treasure!,  A Day at the Zoo!, Prehistoric Playground, Creativity Mashup!, and Sights and Sounds! Launchpads are recommended for children K through 2.

A custom designed user interface gives children the opportunity to make every Launchpad experience their own by creating a personal avatar. An informational console gives parents feedback about the time their children spent on the tablet. Launchpads are powered by an Android operating system and feature a 7-inch high definition touch screen, external speaker, universal audio jack, and a durable protective bumper. Launchpads are secure and do not have Wi-Fi access or a camera.

Launchpad Lending Policy

Launchpads may be borrowed for 2 weeks by any adult library card holder. Only one device per library card may be checked out at a time. Launchpads may not be renewed. Launchpads are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Return Launchpad kit to the Children’s Room circulation desk. Please do not return in the outside book drop.

Borrowers are responsible for the device and all items included in the case (tablet with bumper, adapter, USB power cord).

Overdue fine is $1.00 per day with a maximum fine of $10.00.

Replacement charges: Launchpads $100 – $169 – Bumper $9 – Carrying Case $8 – Adapter $15 and USB cord $15.