Favorite Books in Series: Animals

Favorite Animal Series








The Buddy Files by Dori Hillestad Butler
Buddy is a school therapy dog who solves mysteries. Each book is a new case.


Pet Rescue Club by Catherine Hapka
Animal-crazy Janey can’t have any pets of her own because of her father’s severe allergies. When Janey starts a blog where people can share cute pet photos and stories, she never imagines she’ll receive a heartbreaking photo of a skinny, abandoned dog. Janey isn’t sure what to do, so her friends Lolli and Adam get involved to try to help the poor creature. They also enlist hyper Zach from their class at school. He might be annoying, but his mom is a vet who works with the local animal shelter. Can the four of them save the dog – and maybe start a pet rescue club to help other animals in need?


Dog Diaries by Kate Klimo
Each book tells the life story of a different dog and highlights dog related history such as the history of guide dogs for the blind or dog sled racing.


Magic Bone by Nancy Krulik
Sent to the backyard for breaking a tick-tock-ticking toy, Sparky (an adorable but clumsy sheepdog puppy) immediately begins his favorite activity: diggety-dig-digging. Little does he know, he’s about to dig up the most amazing toy ever–a magic bone! With one bite into that sparkling bone, Sparky is magically transported to London, where he makes new friends, sees the sights, and gets into a bit of trouble. Join Sparky on his adventure to see how he escapes and makes it back home!


Magic Animal Friends by Daisy Meadows
Best friends Jess and Lily visit Friendship Forest, where animals can talk and magic exists!


The Puppy Place by Ellen Miles
Welcome to the Puppy Place–where every puppy finds a home!
Charles and Lizzie Peterson know a lot about puppies. That’s because the Petersons are a foster family for young dogs. Someday, they will have a puppy of their own. Until then, they keep busy helping special puppies find homes.